Everyone’s doing it…

So, I’ve arrived. I started a Kamman family blog.

            Some of my dearest friends, Amanda, Kelley, Kyle, Shauna and Tanner all have blogs which I enjoy reading on a regular (often daily) basis. What I like about reading their blogs is that it gives me insight to aspects of their daily lives and interests that I would not necessarily be privy to in our relationship because of distance or time. Even with regular calls and emails, I might not necessarily have the chance to learn which contestant Amanda thinks should be voted off Project Runway, which solid food is Evan’s favorite now, or what Kelley’s new purse looks like. Not that these are necessarily critical things to know in order to have a strong relationship with someone, but they are the things that make me feel the closest to some of my favorite people that I don’t get to see on a regular basis.

              So, in the spirit of friendship, connection and “the little things” that make our life so grand…this blog will be a place that our little family can share the big and little things we love about life with all of the wonderful friends and family that help to make it so great. I will probably be the primary author of the blog, (because I am now an “experienced” *haha* teacher with so much free time on my hands…and Sol is a busy grad student) but Sol will be making guest appearances.

Welcome and Enjoy!

-Brittany (the Kamman who gets a summer vacation…)



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