I love camping.

Ah…camping. I love camping. I have no idea how I came to love camping, being raised by parents who think that camping is going to Maui and staying in a condo where you have to cook  instead of a 4 star resort, but never-the-less, I love camping.

Reasons why I love camping:

  • It’s fun to be REALLY dirty and not care from time to time
  • I enjoy tents and half-filled air mattresses
  • You don’t have to care about bills or chores
  • It’s socially acceptable to be drinking beer all day long
  • It’s my favorite time to turn off my brain, relax and enjoy my friends
  • The lack of t.v. or other technology is a perfect excuse for great conversation, singing or fun games
  • SMORES- need I say more?

                I have been lucky enough to have had 3 awesome camping trips this summer. It’s been tricky- with Sol working 50+ hours a week all summer, and only having one day a week off…but by taking advantage of some local spots we love, we have been able to maximize his time off to have fun get-a-ways. By leaving Saturday afternoon when he gets off work, we can stay 2 nights, then leave early Monday morning in time for Sol to get to work. The key to this plan is being close enough to our house to get Sol home on Monday morning, so our camping proximity has been limited. We have found a couple of cool spots within an hour from our house AND near water (one of the other requirements for a summer in Sacramento camping trip). After living in Monterey for 6 years where our local camping “hot spots” were Big Sur and the Santa Cruz Redwoods, we are a little spoiled- but these Sacramento foothills area places definitely measure up.

                 The first trip was when Sol and I camped at the Coloma Resort (where we got married) for our one year anniversary. The Coloma Resort is pretty posh camping, there is a store there, showers (what a luxury!), and they have live music and wine tastings regularly, so it’s fun if you appreciate convenience and opportunities for socializing. It is also RIGHT on the beautiful American River, famous for it’s white-water rafting culture and being the first place in California that gold was discovered. The campground is nestled in a beautiful valley, and although pretty close to modern conveniences, feels like you are in the middle of nowhere. There are lots of fun local things that go on in Coloma, and it’s a great place to go rafting OR sit in the river and drink beer 🙂 . Sol and I had a great weekend, and it was fun to be in the same spot we got married, one year later. There was even a wedding going on there that weekend, but it was a Renaissance themed wedding, and needless to say- not nearly as cool as ours was. Sol and I did agree the campground was much more fun the year before, when it was filled with our friends and family, so next year we are going to try and recruit as many of you are possible to join us. Wanna come??

                     The next 2 times we camped was at the Peninsula Campground on Folsom Lake. This campground is VERY remote and much more rural..it’s actually only about 20 miles from our house down Salmon Falls Road in EDH, but because of the long and winding nature of the road it takes quite awhile to get out there. They don’t sell anything, it takes at least a 20 minute drive just to get ice, and if you need to visit the ER (which we did one of the 2 times we were camping…) it’s quite a trek. It’s TOTALLY worth it though. The campsites are pretty private, and there are lots of trees and shade. The site we stayed in both times was just a short walk to the lake, where we spent most of our time swimming, floating, sunning and playing. The lake is so warm and beautiful this time of year. The first trip there we had an impromptu 4th of July weekend trip (thanks to a last minute cancellation of one site) with quite a large crew: Leslie and Casey came to meet us from San Francisco, Mark and Lindsey- with Lindsey’s brother Kyle and their two dogs Poppy and Paris, Scott and Julie with their son Rylan, and Sol and I. During the day, one of Sol’s friends from work, Jeremiah, also came out with his wife Amy, baby Mia and a jetski (which Sol got pulled over with almost immediately!).  We had a great time and lots to celebrate, it was Julie’s first 4th of July as an American citizen, AND the Doziers first family camping trip. We EVEN got a highly illegal fireworks show from a neighboring camper.  The next trip we took was a little more mellow but equally as fun, with Mark, Lindsey and the dogs. I am also posting some pictures from all 3 weekends, and also some video Mark took and cleverly edited that show a few moments from our last camping trip, although it doesn’t show any of the “camping” things we did like play horseshoes, swim, float, barbque, or make smores.


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