A date with Doug Benson.

Last week I discovered that one of our favorite comedians, Doug Benson, was going to be doing standup in Sacramento through the weekend. Doug Benson is from Last Comic Standing, the Marijuanalouges, Best Week Ever, Comedy Central specials and he made a funny documentary called “Super High Me” that was based on “Super Size Me.”  So Saturday, Sol and I went to dinner (thanks to a BJ’s giftcard from one of my students) and to the 10:30 Doug Benson show. The show was at the Punchline in Sacramento, which is on the corner of Howe and Arden in a shoddy stripmall that is literally called “Howe ’bout Arden” (I swear, you can’t make that stuff up, they even have a sign). A fact which Doug Benson made fun of in his act in several jokes! The club had general admission seating, and so we got there early before the show to get a good seat. We were one of the first few people in line, and we got to sit RIGHT in front of the stage, like so close we had to look straight up at the comedians. It was very cool and special.

There were 3 comedians that performed before Doug Benson, and then he spent over an hour on the stage. The 10:30 crowd is a little wild and more inebriated…and so it was very interactive. The people in the front row (including Sol and I) got to do some friendly heckling and interact with Doug during the performance. He is SO funny! We were laughing so hard the entire time that our faces were sore. He has such dry humor and his timing is amazing, AND we got to meet him afterwards for a picture. It was a very funny date with Doug Benson. I attached some pictures of the show and a video of Doug on Last Comic Standing, although for NBC he has to be much more censored then say, in a comedy club. I think the uncensored Doug is much funnier and can also be found on YouTube :).


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