Adventures in grilling.

One of my favorite things about summer is grilling! Well, to be more specific, eating food that is grilled and hanging out on the patio drinking wine while I watch Sol grill. I’m not going to lie, the grill kind of scares me, but it is skill Sol has mastered and I am happy to allow him to have full control of the barbecue. I know that this might seem like it fits into a typical “gender” role, but I have decided that I am willing to support that in this instance. I’m sure I would be capable of successfully barbecuing if I really put my mind to it, but Sol is just so darn good at it :).  I am however, an excellent Sous-chef, help with the prep work and supervise.

Sol has been working late 6 nights per week all summer, and we have been on out of town adventures every weekend since the beginning of June, so it had been over a month since we have made dinner together at our house (at least at a normal dinner hour…). Sunday Sol decided to take advantage of the warm summer night off to break out the grill, which I have missed oh-so-much because of his long work hours. Being the wonderful husband that he is, he let me choose the meal- and he did all the cooking. I requested a few of my favorite things to eat grilled- portabello mushrooms, zucchini (with shredded Parmesan), and fillet minion. He also made roasted mushroom coos coos. It was amazingly delicious, Sol is a great outdoor chef!





  • Cut zucchini longways in 3 strips, cut off ends
  • spread olive oil, fresh ground pepper and garlic salt on the zucchini
  • grill
  • remove from grill, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, and cover with foil so cheese will melt

Portabello mushrooms:

  • Cover in teriyaki, my favorite is SoyVay Island Style
  • While grilling, brush with the teriyaki sauce

Steak and Coos coos:

  • Season to taste and grill until medium rare- there’s not much you have to do to steak as good as that!!
  • Coos coos was artistically shaped in a “coos coos cone” (patented by Sol) using a martini glass, he is always conscientious of presentation!

PRESENTING, Brittany’s favorite grilled meal:


The next night Sol got off work early and so we had a late barbecue potluck with Mark and Lindsey. We grilled chicken, red and green bell peppers, and more zucchini (we even turned Lindsey into a zucchini lover! The secret: covering it in Parmesan cheese 🙂 ). I also had been wanting to experiment with a grilled dessert. I cut up some granny smith apples and made little “hobo” packs, with butter and brown sugar. We rolled them around on the grill for a little while until the butter and sugar had made a delicious liquidy mixture and saturated the apples. Then we poured it over vanilla ice cream, and it tasted JUST like apple pie…SO yummy. Not exactly the healthiest snack, but definitely a special and delicious treat. We all decided it would have been better if we skinned the apples though, and threw some cinnamon in the hobo packs, and Sol and I want to try it with peaches too.






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