adorable local news story. (caution, not really adorable)

This is a news story from a humor news show, NOT PORN. (Although the video is saved at an inopportune segment)

This gem is brought to you by Current TV’s Infomania, which is an awesome show on a really cool network that plays a lot in the Kamman household. This teacher was in the Elk Grove school district. I am curious as to how this could have happened. I have narrowed it down to the following assumptions:

-She asked someone to put the DVD together for her who happened to have a vendetta against her, (although if you let someone with a vendetta against you edit your classroom dvd, you probably shouldn’t also give them access to your porn)

-She is a crazy freak who wanted to “make it big” in a higher paying industry

Well, I guess that’s all I have…I really have no clue how that could have happened. It’s not like taping over an old VHS tape and accidentally getting a wild night with an old boyfriend on the end of your “Friends” tape, it’s a DVD!?! How do you “accidentally” edit something on to a DVD?



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