It’s been too long since I’ve posted about the cats.


A recent upgrade (for the human Kammans and cat Kammans) has been the addition of a cat door in our interior garage door, from the house into the garage. During one of my morning “can’t turn off my brain and go back to sleep” sessions, I came up with the brilliant idea of installing the door so we could banish the litter box into the garage. It’s been SO NICE to have a litter box free house, and the cats love having a new place to roam and explore.

Sol and I ventured to Home Depot one Sunday morning to look for a cat door, and ending up finding one appropriately sized for our giant cat at Petsmart. My dad came over with the saw (and to oversee the sawing). Don’t get me wrong, Sol totally could have done it by himself, but I felt better having a second opinion before we made a giant hole in the door. Kona helped my dad supervise the whole time, and was therefore the first cat to figure out how to go in and out. She was ready to try it out as soon as it was installed! Getting the cats to come back through was more of a challenge, we had to get out a can opener and tuna to entice them enough. It was only a matter of hours before all 3 cats were coming in and out easily, and you could tell they thought it was quite a novelty to be able to go out there whenever they wanted. Zeus just charges through head first, and Sylvester puts his paw through and then pulls it back as if it was a curtain, like a dainty lady. I remember how long it took one of our goldens to learn how to use a pet door…another point for the “cats are smarter than dogs” debate!


A success!



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