The Tennis family farm.

Our good friends Mark and Lindsey Tennis have a cute house in the “country” part of Roseville with a huge yard. Within the last couple months their house has been transformed into a literal farm! They have 4 chickens (Hef, Holly, Kendra and Bridget) that they raised from chicks, and the chickens live in an elaborate coop in their backyard. This summer they also added a rescued 3 legged Chihuahua to their farm, along with their golden retriever Poppy and their 2 cats. Mark planted a garden at the beginning of summer that has been thriving since then. They are already enjoying fresh jalapenos, strawberries, green beans and (almost) corn! They had an impromptu “open farm” celebration potluck…what a fun place to hang out! Sol and I are working on persuading them to get a goat, or a trampoline next :).


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