Facebook Status-Off!

This is a hilarious video I came across on one of my favorite channels, Current TV.  It’s about the internal struggle between honor and the sacrifices we make for comedy.  Enjoy. -Sol


“Whoa, Back to School!…

billy_madison[1]…I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight!”

         -Adam Sandler in “Billy Madison”

So only 2 stagnant years  after graduation from CSU Monterey Bay, I’m back at school.  I’ll never forget what I proclaimed from the top of a mountain after hitting “Print” on the final copy of my Capstone project those two looong years ago: “I’m never opening a damn text book again!”  Well here I am, back in school.  A $150.00 text book looms in front of me, almost mocking me with it’s size and glossy glory.  It’s funny what 2 years, a job you hate, and no aspirations can do to a “man.”  It’s called grad school.

Before I made the jump into this expensive, all-consuming program, I spent many months pondering my existence, and what I was put here to do.  I believe strongly that we all have gifts; traits that make us more adept at performing in some capacity to a higher level than most.  The hardest part for me has been coming to terms with what that may be.  For a long time I thought it was cars.  In reality, however, that was an easy out.  The brain power required is minimal, and I just don’t think diagnosing and wrenching is a full-time job for me.  A weekend hobby, sure, but I need more stimulation.  I need inspiration to ponder and explore.  I’ve always known that I’ve been good with people.  I can listen to peoples stories all day long, and empathize with ease.  I feel whole when a connection is developed, as if my self, my “soul,”  is reaching out to those who need someone to listen.  It is a feeling of contention like nothing else that I experience.  It is a unification experience.  The experience that humans reach for through language, openness, understanding and compassion; to know that we are in this together.  We are not alone in our individual despair, agony or frustration, and I want to help people understand that.  That is why I chose to be a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT).  It requires a two year education beyond the bachelor degree, as well as approximately two more years of training, but it is most certainly worth it for me.  I have my whole life to live, and I would be cheating myself if I didn’t take the plunge and work toward this goal.  I would be turning my back on my natural talents and admitting defeat to this world.

So here I am, back in class, ready to work.  Wish me luck! -Sol

Kathy Griffin is my hero.

Kathy Griffin is one of my very favorite comedians. Not only does she immediately win by being a red-head (I love them!) she is HILARIOUS! No one can make me laugh like her, she’s just so damn smart. She has been around more lately promoting her book (cleverly titled “Official Book Club Selection”), and now that the D-List season is over, I have to get my fix by enjoying more clips of her doing funny things. Exhibit A:


This weekend Sol and I went to go see Extract. It’s a dark comedy by Mike Judge with Ben Affleck, Mila Kunis, Kristen Wiig, and Jason Bateman. It was really funny (in an awkward, Office Space-esque kind of way), but I think because I had such high expectations for it’s funniness- I was let down. Right before we left for the movie we were watching Jimmy Fallon, and he was talking about Extract and giggling like a little school girl. It doesn’t have much of a plot, but if you want a few hearty giggles, rent it when it comes out on video.


American River Confluence


Tomorrow Sol and I both have the day off for the first time in, well, too long. SO we are going to take advantage of it by going to spend the day exploring somewhere new. We first noticed the neat area of the American River called the confluence when we passed through Auburn on our way to take Sol to the ER from the Folsom Peninsula campground. The confluence is the part of the American River in Auburn underneath 2 bridges where the North Fork and the Middle fork meet. We are going to go spend the day there, swimming, sunning and exploring the area around the river. I can’t wait!

empty bowls fundraiser


My sculpture class is participating in this cool charity event called Empty Bowls, put on by the El Dorado Peace and Justice Community organization. The charity finds local artists, students (from middle school, high school and college) and hobbyist potters to make soup bowls. The bowls all have different sizes, shapes, and designs and each one is a unique work of art. At a soup dinner event to raise money for the homeless, a suggested $15-50 dollar donation is requested to purchase one of the hundreds of unique soup bowls, and the donation pays for a bowl and an all you can eat soup and salad buffet. The bowls are all put in brown paper bags so the bowl you pick out is a surprise! They also have live music, and auction and serve wine. Last year the charity event raised close to $12,000 dollars to feed the hungry through Upper Room and Heifer International. I will be making a bowl to donate to the event, and also attending it. Another cool thing about the event is that it is 100% profit (all food, venue and art is donated) and 100% trash free (they don’t use any paper products.)

If you would like to go with me to score a sweet bowl and support a good cause it is on November 14th in Placerville. I will also post pictures of my donation when it is finished.