Our day at the American River Confluence

On labor day we went to explore the American River Confluence for the first time. It is such a cool area and I want to go back and explore more! After hiking around a little bit we found a secluded spot underneath a bridge, and after a climb down a treacherous goat path that Sol discovered (and led the way down, of course) , we found a perfect little beach right by the river. There were some cool old railroad ties or mining equipment under that portion of the river that were also neat to play on. We had a great day hanging out by the river with Mark, Lindsey and the dogs.



recent art projects

This is my first ever attempt at “throwing” on the “wheel”. It is MUCH harder than it looks! I know this is just a crappy uneven bowl, but if you knew how difficult it was just to get this, you would be proud too! I had more wet, muddy clay on my jeans and arms than on the bowl when I was done! I really want to get better at this, but unfortunately the only way to do that is with practice, and a decent wheel will set you back 1,000 dollars.


This is a pen and ink (with nibs and brushes) sketch I did of some produce. You can see my subjects in the background. I am pretty happy with it, but that darn cantaloupe took forever and I still think it looks funny.


This is a sketch of a knotted strip of paper I did with a focus on value changes. It took me 3 solid hours to shade this.


This is a still life using conte crayon. It was my first extended study in conte crayon.


This is phase one of my model of the Balclutha. I have big designs to add a fancy glaze job after the first firing, and an elaborate skewer and dental floss mast system.


Gourd painting

For Kibble and Bids, Sol and I painted gourds with acrylic paint to be auctioned off for the charity. My mom liked them so much she decided to use them for decor and keep them instead. Here are the finished Kamman gourd experiments. Sol painted a seasonal cornucopia, and I was inspired by my art classes current Georgia O’Keeffe unit, so I did some enlarged flowers.





my apologies

To our 3 or 4 loyal readers…I am sorry that the Kamman family blog has been neglected for so long. We have been SO busy working hard and having fun. We have so much to share though, so this weekend when I have some down time expect 15 or 16 backlogged blog posts! Enjoy 🙂