recent art projects

This is my first ever attempt at “throwing” on the “wheel”. It is MUCH harder than it looks! I know this is just a crappy uneven bowl, but if you knew how difficult it was just to get this, you would be proud too! I had more wet, muddy clay on my jeans and arms than on the bowl when I was done! I really want to get better at this, but unfortunately the only way to do that is with practice, and a decent wheel will set you back 1,000 dollars.


This is a pen and ink (with nibs and brushes) sketch I did of some produce. You can see my subjects in the background. I am pretty happy with it, but that darn cantaloupe took forever and I still think it looks funny.


This is a sketch of a knotted strip of paper I did with a focus on value changes. It took me 3 solid hours to shade this.


This is a still life using conte crayon. It was my first extended study in conte crayon.


This is phase one of my model of the Balclutha. I have big designs to add a fancy glaze job after the first firing, and an elaborate skewer and dental floss mast system.



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