Kammans fall t.v. recommendations

How I Met Your Mother


Sol and I just started watching this show last season, and we officially considered it a “best kept secret” because it is HIL-ARIOUS, and doesn’t get enough credit. Come on, NPH? Jason Segal? Allison Hannigan? Since then we have caught up on most of the old stuff. It has great writing and very smart, quotable jokes. Mondays on CBS.

The Office

This one has been a favorite of ours for a long time, but it is a show that consistently grows funnier and funnier every week. Sometimes it is so awkward I literally have to look away! I love it! Thursdays on NBC


I have been a Joel McHale fan for a long time, and this new comedy doesn’t let you down. It might also be funny to me because I am taking community college classes now (for the first time in my life) and some of the situations are all too familiar…. Thursdays on NBC

The Big Bang Theory

This show is brilliant. They must have a team of comedians working around the clock with a team of scientists to come up with the script for this show, it is extremely clever and hilarious. Monday nights on CBS.

Project Runway (Brittany’s pick)

There is really nothing that I don’t love about this show…the season just ended and I will be patiently awaiting the next season. The designers on this installment were the most talented they have found so far! Wednesdays on Lifetime.

Top Chef (Brittany’s pick)


Love, love, love it! Padma, delicious stuff I can’t pronounce, faux -hawks galore, and inevitably SOMETHING wrapped in bacon… (bacon always wins!) This show makes me want to eat the t.v. Bravo Wednesday nights.

Top Gear (Sol’s pick)

Silly Englishmen? Awesome cars? Ridiculous stunts? Sol is sold!




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