my new favorite Pandora station

If you type in “80’s” for your Pandora mix, it suggests “80’s dance party”, which is one of my new favorite Pandora stations. It is a serious cure for a foul mood, there isn’t much that can keep you down while listening to classic 80’s tunes by M.J., Madonna, Journey, ACDC, Cindy Lauper…you get the idea! I love playing it in my classroom while the kids are working because it puts me (and them!) in a great mood. All of the songs they play are also very recognizable, kids and adults love it because they know all the words…and more than once I have had an entire class period of students break out in to song at the same time, a rousing verse of “more than a feelin'” or “girls just wanna have fun.” I have also caught some dance moves while cleaning up to “thriller” or “hungry like the wolf”! You just can’t help but smile!



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