Happy Chanukah!

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah! We have our house all decked out for Christ-mukah and we are awaiting house guests to help us celebrate. Tomorrow night we are hosting friends for a Chanukah celebration, complete with latkes, star of david cookies and driedle games!

Neither Sol or I are particularly religious, but he grew up in a Jewish family celebrating Chanukah all of his life, so for the 7 years when have been together, we have had fun combining traditions of our families together for a Christ-makkah celebration. It all started when Sol and I were sophomores in college and first starting to date. Chanukah fell in the middle of December during finals week. I felt sad that he wouldn’t be able to be home with his family for the holiday he had always gotten to celebrate with them, so I bought a menorah and learned how to make latkes so I could give him a little holiday warmth away from home. Every year we have had a few friends over to light the menorah, tell the story of Chanukah and eat the traditional Chanukah dish. Over the years it has grown into quite a famous celebration amongst our friends, and last year it grew to a 10 person sit down dinner. This year it has grown even bigger, to a 25+ person party with friends driving and flying in from out of town! We are so excited to celebrate with our friends and continue to create holiday traditions. Happy Chanukah!


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