Sol and Brittany: decade in review


-We met at CSUMB on our first day of college in August, 2001

-We met lots of our best friends and became close friends with each other

-Our dorm 208 floods

-free aquarium days

-Brittany’s first trip to Weed

-We worked at the Gap together

-Catalyst concerts


– We team up in science class on the Mega Tsunamis

-Brittany moves to Hawaii for the summer, Sol stays in the dorms but looks forward to regular postcards from Hawaii

-Kelp kraze

-We became best friends

-Sol moves back to Weed in November, 2002

-We realize we are in love December, 2002, and start a winter of courting during visits in Mt. Shasta, Monterey and Sacramento

-Brittany starts working for CSUMB admissions as a tour guide


-We are officially a couple

-Sol moves to Florida from 2/03-4/03 then comes back to live in Monterey

-Brittany becomes a CSUMB orientation leader

-Sol enrolls back at CSUMB for fall as the Student Activity center program director

-We go on regular camping, hiking and beach excursions to Big Sur

-Brittany moves off campus to Sunbay apartments


-Brittany and Amanda live together on Antietam

-Brittany and her family go to Tahiti

-Amanda graduates and moves to So Cal

-Brittany moves in with Kyle on Edde Ct.

-Amanda moves back in with Brittany and Kyle on Edde Ct. after leaving So Cal

-Sol gets “Tiger” his black golf

-We adopt our first pet, Kona kitty

-Sol becomes a serious student, earning straight A’s

-We spent Thanksgiving in Pismo beach with family

-Sol lives with Hannah and Alex

-We spent our anniversary partying in San Francisco


-Brittany graduates from CSUMB with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies after finishing capstone thesis and earning straight A’s

-Kyle graduates and moves back to PVille- Jon, Sol and Alex move in to Edde Ct. with Amanda and I

-We spend a month in Oahu on what is known as the “best date ever”, with visits from Todd, Ryan and Kelley

-Brittany starts substitute teaching in Salinas, Seaside, Monterey and Carmel and applying to grad school


-Amanda and Jon move out of Edde, Mason and Joe move in with Alex, Sol and I

-Brittany substitutes through the end of the school year and then nannies for the summer

-Brittany starts grad school at UCSC to get her masters degree and teaching credential

-We move out in to our first very own apartment on Yorktown ct.

-We adopt Sylvester

-Brittany starts student teaching in Watsonville

-Sol begins his senior year of HCOM and starts his capstone

-Sol cuts off his trademark long locks

-We celebrate our anniversary on a Mendocino trip

-Sol visits his Hasidic family in Crown Heights, NY

-We take our first Vegas trip for Kelley’s 21st birthday

-Sol gets a job for Firiano motors and starts wrenching on Ferraris

-We spend a lot of time bonding at the gorge in Big Sur


-We go to Costa Rica for Tahoe and Shoshana’s wedding

-Kelley and Roger get engaged in March

-Sol graduates from CSUMB with his bachelors degree

-Brittany graduates from UCSC with her masters in Education and multiple subject and art teaching credentials

-We say goodbye to Monterey after 6 years and move to an apartment in Folsom

-We both start “real” job interviews, Brittany spends the summer in the UCSC quarry finishing her thesis

-Brittany gets a job at the Buckeye Union School district in July and starts 5th grade in August

-Sol starts working at Bisco in sales, a management training program

-We adopt Zeus in May, right before we move from Monterey

-We get engaged on October 18th, 2007- the same night as Amanda and Jon!

-Yehudah and Shaina get married in December


-Kelley’s wedding shower

-Kelley and Brittany’s Vegas bachelorette party

-Kelley and Roger’s wedding

-Mark and Lindsey’s wedding

-Brittany’s first year of teaching ends

-Our wedding at the Coloma Resort on the summer solstice, June 21st

– Our honeymoon in Grand Cayman, 2 weeks of love and leisure

-Brittany begins her second year of teaching 5th grade at Buckeye- in the middle of a construction zone

-Amanda’s bachelorette party in Hollywood

-Amanda and Jon’s wedding

-Jill and Brandon’s wedding

-trips to O.C. to see the Smiths

-Bianca graduates!

-Buckeye’s 150th anniversary celebration

-In April, we moved to a bigger more awesome house in Cameron Park


-Celebrated our first Valentine’s day as a married couple

-Brittany finished her 2nd year of teaching 5th grade and recieved tenure

-Sol got offered a promotion in his company which required him to move to San Jose which he denied, and then left the company

-We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary together camping in the beautiful spot we got married

-Kyle and Stephanie’s wedding

-Sol went to Kyle’s Bodega Bay bachelor party

-Brittany went to Leslie’s bachelorette houseboat trip and Ladiespalooza girls weekend

-Leslie and Casey’s wedding

-Brittany starts teaching 7th and 8th grade Art at Rolling Hills Middle School

-Sol starts grad school at UCF in Sacramento to recieve his MFT, Masters in Family Therapy

-Sol starts substitute teaching

-We go camping, A LOT!

-Brittany gets addicted to yoga

-Brittany takes art classes at night through FLC

-We go to Weed twice to visit Rivkah

-We take an 8 day trip to Colorado for a family Christmas in Denver and snowboarding in Breckenridge


We can’t wait to see what the next decade will bring for us!!

-Brittany and Sol


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