the maiden voyage of the kickasserole dish

The first dish made in the Kamman kickasserole dish was DELICIOUS! Sol made Amanda’s yummy and easy enchiladas. They were so good, it would be a crime for me not to share the recipe.

1 – store-bought rottiserie chicken

1/2 cup chopped cilantro

1 yellow onion

1/2 lemon

shredded cheese

TJ’s Enchilada sauce

Corn tortillas

Tear off bite size pieces of chicken and put in a bowl with cilantro, onion and some handfuls of cheese.  Mix this all together with some garlic salt, lemon, and cumin.  Heat some corn tortillas in the microwave to make them soft then stuff with the mixture and roll. Then you just put in baking dish, cover with sauce and cheese and bake at 35o for about 35 min.  I like to bake it covered for the first 25 min then take the foil off, if you do this make sure to spray some cooking spray on the foil – this makes it so that the cheese on the top won’t stick to your foil.


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