Chanukah 2008 and 2009

Creepy…our group pictures from 2008 and 2009 were unknowingly in the same exact place and have Kona in the background with scary eyes….


Sol’s cabana project

Our neighbors replaced their cabana with a new one and gave us their old frame. Sol designed a new cover for it modeled after our neighbor’s new cover, and we got a great deal on discount outdoor fabric from a website called My dad and Sol spent an entire Saturday with my dad’s industrial sewing machine creating the cover, and adding all the hardware. Sol then spent several more hours fabricating the frame to work with the cover, and attaching more hardware. It has multiple hook levels so you can raise and lower the cover for more sun or privacy. We put it up for the Chanukah party …right before a giant storm. We spent the whole weekend pushing collected rain out of the top of it. Sol said it was like his “baby!” and he was very protective over it! After that weekend we took the cover down, and it is now safely rolled in our garage until nicer weather comes. Oh, and the clear plastic was a failed attempt at storm proofing it 🙂

Oh ya, and that’s SNOW on the ground!!

Chanukah Party pics

Our annual Chanukah party was a great success! We had a wild and fun weekend with wonderful friends with plenty of reason to celebrate. We made latkes, ate delicious food, decorated macabee and star of David cookies, we even played dreidel drinking games!


My mom is very active in Homeward Bound Golden Retriever rescue, and lately she has been spending increasing amounts of time volunteering at the ranch. After a sweet, young golden named Amber had trouble at the sanctuary, my parents, (er, my mom) decided to bring her home to the land of spoiled dogs as a foster until she finds her “forever” home. My mom and dad, Daisy and Romeo have been working hard as a pack to train Amber how to be a good girl, after a year of neglect and abuse have left her with bad habits. She is already doing so much better, and on her way to being a really awesome pet. If my parents can bear to part with her (even my dad is already very attached)…they are taking inquiries from anyone interested in being her forever home! Here are some pictures my mom took of Daisy and Romeo teaching Amber how to sit nice and pose.

Here she is getting comfortable at the Courtney’s resort:

I heart Craigslist

After snowboarding on my 13 year old “vintage” (haha) snowboard that I got for Christmas in 8th grade in Breckenridge, I decided it was time to hunt for some new gear. Actually, the blisters and noodle legs I had the day after decided it was time for some new gear. I had the old style switch bindings, (which were really popular in 1996 but not so much now…) and boots that were a size and a half too small. I couldn’t justify spending much to replace my board, boots and bindings, especially knowing everything will be on sale in a couple months, so I started to hunt Craigslist daily for deals. I was looking for a very specific size of board and boots combo, and wanted to buy everything as a package, so it took extensive searching but finally the Craigslist gods smiled upon me. The seller was a family with a high school girl who broke her tail bone and could no longer snowboard. The board is only a year old, the  perfect size, super cute and practically new. She had only worn it 3 times, most of which were spent on her butt! It was a present from her grandpa and they didn’t know how much it originally cost (much much more than I paid for it..) So, I snatched it up immediately. They were selling the whole set up (board, boots and bindings)  for $200, which is a steal for gear that new. Then I sold MY old stuff on Craigslist for $100, so technically I upgraded for only $100! Major upgrade at a great deal. Here’s hoping this board lasts another 13 years. I can’t wait to try it out in actual snow this weekend.

Old school Killer Loop: You served me well, bye bye!!!

HELLLOOOOO Pretty and comfortable new stuff!!