The Rescue Roadhouse

There is this random little town a few miles up the road from us called Rescue, and in this random little town is the randomest little bar called “The Rescue Roadhouse”. Sol and I discovered it on accident, and it has since become our favorite haunt. They do karaoke, (which Sol likes to participate in and I like to be entertained by..), play beer pong, serve delicious beer and the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had. The owners and staff are hilarious and party harder than the patrons, and the patrons are an interesting mix of hill people.

The weekend of our Chanukah party, Bianca and Justin came into town on Friday night, and we met up with Mark and Lindsey for some beer and Roadhouse karaoke. We were in for quite an adventure! We were serenaded by Sol, Mark and Justin while we danced in rainboots, played beer pong against the owners (and won!), ate 3 orders of sweet potato fries, and watched our drunk waiter throw up. Oh, and I wrestled an old man (and won!) . Needless to say, it was a successful night and a great start to our fun Chanukah celebration.


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