Sol’s cabana project

Our neighbors replaced their cabana with a new one and gave us their old frame. Sol designed a new cover for it modeled after our neighbor’s new cover, and we got a great deal on discount outdoor fabric from a website called My dad and Sol spent an entire Saturday with my dad’s industrial sewing machine creating the cover, and adding all the hardware. Sol then spent several more hours fabricating the frame to work with the cover, and attaching more hardware. It has multiple hook levels so you can raise and lower the cover for more sun or privacy. We put it up for the Chanukah party …right before a giant storm. We spent the whole weekend pushing collected rain out of the top of it. Sol said it was like his “baby!” and he was very protective over it! After that weekend we took the cover down, and it is now safely rolled in our garage until nicer weather comes. Oh, and the clear plastic was a failed attempt at storm proofing it 🙂

Oh ya, and that’s SNOW on the ground!!


2 thoughts on “Sol’s cabana project

  1. aaahhahahahahah! This is so funny, so I spent an hour yesterday searching the internet for green nautical stripe fabric because I decided i wanted to cover the pillows on my deck with it…great minds think alike.

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