Mr. Kamman in action

Mr. Kamman at work in 8th grade algebra. After school, Sol showed me the equation he made to prevent talking during 5th period.”Person 1 talks to person 2, Person 2 then responds to person 1 and the cycle continues. Person 2 can use the following strategies to prevent said equation from continuing.” He’s a natural!

Sol subbing in my district is pretty much the coolest thing ever. He is a very popular sub with kids and teachers alike, and has a natural rapport with the kids and staff. Groups of giggling girls, teachers, AND the superintendent, Terri Wenig, have commented to me on how cute he is, so I think it’s official that he is the cutest man sub in the whole Buckeye district.  It’s not hard for ME to understand why everyone loves him! He mainly teaches at my middle school, Rolling Hills and Buckeye, the school I taught at for the last 2 years. When he subs at Rolling hills we get to carpool to work, and have lunch together. My favorite person that he subs for is my next door neighbor, the 8th grade algebra teacher where he was teaching during the above equation. We share a pod and there is a glass door between our rooms, so I can literally see him all day…it feels like a reward for enduring 5 months of this year on opposite work schedules and with no days off together. What a stark contrast! When he subs at Buckeye he gets to hang out with all of my friends there, and I feel like I am still connected in a weird way- although he might start to get sick of me bugging him for lunch time gossip when he gets home. The other perk is that I have a built in sub! He has subbed for me several times for appointments or professional development, and one day when I was really sick. It was pretty nice to be able to roll over and nudge him at 5:30 and moan “Will you go to work for me?” and he did! He does a great job in my classroom and I never leave him anything “easy” he has done painting, and clay with ease. It’s also cool when your spouse really knows what it is like to “walk a mile in your shoes” and when I commiserate with him on hard days, he knows the kids I am talking about and really sympathizes.

He is great with the kids and a natural classroom manager, and has had a very diverse guest teaching career so far..he has worked with preschool, every grade k-5, severely special ed, Montessori, every subject in junior high, and several high school classes of upper level math. He has really been enjoying subbing while going to grad school, he loves the flexible hours and how fast the day goes by, and also that he still has time to go to the gym, have dinner with me and well, STUDY!


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