So, junior highers are really into innuendo. I have to squash possible “innuendo” situations all the time. The other day I was explaining the guidelines of the assignment and how I wanted them to draw their figures enlarged. I said “you guys like to draw small scale because it’s easy, drawing bigger is harder…which is why I want you to practice drawing bigger.” A girl (innocently in a confused manner) raised her hand to ask “so, smaller is easier and bigger is harder?” The boys in the back were giggling so much, I had to use my best “mean teacher face” on them before I could move on…

The kids are constantly trying to use “that’s what she said,” but it is ALWAYS in the wrong context. I would write a referral, but I don’t think it’s considered dirty if it doesn’t make any sense! I usually just look at them confused and say, “I’m not sure that’s how you use that…”

The student below obviously knew the right context, and had a teacher with less of a sense of humor :).


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