Elton John (the parrot)

The newest member of the Kamman family is an Eastern Australian Rosella parrot named Elton John. Elton was found when he flew into Jackie’s neighbor’s garage in Folsom and landed on her neighbor’s shoulder. Sol has always wanted to have a parrot, so on Superbowl Sunday we adopted a stray parrot named Elton John. Kelley named him because of his bright “costume” of plumage. Elton is very friendly and enjoys sitting on shoulders and heads, as well as eating earrings and hair. He can now say “bad kitty” and “hey baby”. (“Hey Baby” he already knew when we got him, that was the first thing he said to me!) Plus, Sol taught him how to wolf whistle. He is quite entertaining! The cats are also fascinated by him…they sit under his cage and meow often.


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