traveling love party

For Valentines day 2010 we were part of an amazing traveling Valentines party full of love and good friends. We started on Friday night, when Sol, I, Justin, Bianca, John Carbahal, Vanessa, Mark and Linds and Leslie and Casey reunited at the Kamman house for heart shaped pizzas and earthquake cake. We went to the Rescue Roadhouse for a wild night of beer pong and karaoke. Sol and I *might* have done a rendition of “push it” around 2.a.m…On Saturday morning we caravaned up to Truckee to stay at Anthony’s. We got to have a fun Valentines day party at Anthony’s with his girlfriend Megan, Tanner (back from Costa Rica..finally!) and other fun locals. We went on an eventful midnight walk in the snow, which lead to me trudging through knee-deep powder in my beloved suede slouchy boots. I don’t think you can call it a walk if you are sliding down snowy hills on your butt and climbing on your hands and knees up icy rocks…it was exciting and fun none-the-less! Sunday morning (Valentines day) we had a big breakfast and wandered around Truckee, eventually stopping for a lunch of the spiciest Thai food that I have ever had! We then caravaned back down the hill to Roseville to hang out on the Tennis farm for a few hours, before heading back to Cameron Park to crash. Luckily it was a 3 day weekend so we still had Monday to recover! From all of the love of course, beer, but also love 🙂 It was one of those weekends that makes your face hurt by the end due to laughing so hard. Thanks friends!


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