Big Sur spirit gardens

Another magical Big Sur hot spot! Recommended to us by Bianca, of course!


Day 7-8: Big Sur

We left Chatsworth on Thursday morning to head to Big Sur, and our favorite campground Pfeiffer. We drove up the coast, and the drive was beautiful! I highly recommend it if you are traveling South to North and have some time to kill! Big Sur is a very special and magical place for us because we spent so many of our years together having regular dates and adventures there. The weather was perfect and it was a great way to kick off camping season and relax after a few days of stressful L.A. traffic!

Day 6: Kammans

We spent day 6 hanging out in L.A. with Sol’s brother Yehudah, his wife Shaina, and our cute nephew Sholom. We wandered around Rodeo drive and then had a beach picnic at Santa Monica beach.


One of the highlights of the So-Cal trip was a reunion with some of my awesome extended family that I haven’t seen in almost 10 years. Sol and I went to dinner at my Aunt Sue and Uncle Steve’s house with my 3 cousins Beth, Blythe and Megan, Blythe’s husband Rich and Blythe and Beth’s 6 kids (3 each)- Josh, Tyler, Courtney, Trevor, Parker and Chase! The only 2nd cousin that I had met was Josh, the oldest, and he was about 2 at the time! It was SO good to see them and catch up, and Sol fit right into the Courtney clan.

Courtneys and Husbands

Courtney girls

2nd cousins!!

Cutie Pie baby Chase