Happy Birthday Melley!

Yesterday was my little sister Kelley’s (Melley or Smelley as I affectionately call her) 25th birthday! I miss her so much and I can’t wait to do some celebrating with her next month when she is in California for a visit. In honor of her quarter century special day, I dedicate this post to her! These are some of the millions of reasons why I love Smelley so much:

-we are like, the same!

-we can finish each other sentences, if needed- although most of the time we can read each other’s mind with just a sideways glance 🙂

-she is super smart and good at sciencey stuff

-she is incredibly loyal

-she loves animals, and babies, and baby animals!

-she is dedicated to medicine and training to give back to her community in a very meaningful way

-she is a very hard worker and has amazing drive

-she did an excellent job picking out an awesome brother-in-law for me!

-she is an expert tech genius and always clues me into the coolest “stuff”

-she is a fun lover who is always down for an adventure

-we have the same exact sense of humor literally…and most of the time we are only funny to each other or ourselves 🙂

-she comes over to hang out at my house and is such a trooper, even though she is deathly allergic to it!

-she is a naturally gifted artist

-she’s a great listener, and always knows what to say to cheer me up

-she’s my favorite sister 🙂 AND the best sister ever!!

I love you Mells!!! Happy birthday!


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