The special guest of our Easter celebration was the 6.9 magnitude Mexicali earthquake that rocked Dana Point!! It was late afternoon, and all 8 of us had settled in to watch a movie on Amanda and Jon’s new humongous tv. We all felt the shaking, but it took a couple of stunned seconds of gaping mouths to realize what was going on. A crash in the kitchen sprung us into action and we all bolted for the door, (except Jon, he bolted to save the tv!). Since then several people have told me that you aren’t supposed to run outside, but I still standby our natural instincts that felt like that was the safest thing at the moment! Once we got outside the earth was still shaking…we laid on the ground to “feel” the rest, and you could see the cars on the street rolling back and forth. It was quite a memorable and spectacular experience. Afterwards the power was out until 2 am, so we spent the night creatively entertaining ourselves with stories and charades.

The kiddos after a long day of natural disasters! šŸ™‚


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