A walk down memory lane at CSUMB

After we left Pacific Grove, we cruised through the CSUMB campus on our way to Hollister. Sol and I spent 6 years of our lives living and going to school there, and we hadn’t been on campus in almost 3 years!! WOW how it has changed! It was fun wandering around and reminiscing about our fond memories of college and our courtship.

We got out of the car by 208, and Sol immediately took out his longboard and skated down the path behind the dorm. It was such a happy and nostalgic sight, it almost brought tears to my eyes! It represented so many happy memories.

Dorm 208! Where we first met, became best friends, and lots of other firsts that built our relationship and made us what we are now. Such a big responsibility from an old army barrack! 


This counter is exactly where we first met in August of 2001..almost 9 years later…

We were there on a Saturday at about 12:30, there were loads of hungover college kids pouring out of the dorms and into the dining commons, a very familiar sight!! We were those hungover college kids just a few years ago! Now we are the weird old people taking pictures and telling stories :). 

The dining commons got a MAJOR facelift!! It was unrecognizable inside.

The DC looks like a REAL college cafeteria now…crazy!

The huge new library, still haven’t been inside- it opened after we graduated.

The shmancy Science building. I actually got to have a couple classes in here before I graduated. 

Sol searching the wall for our tiles

The art building, my favorite place to hangout in college! I spent many many hours in the studio and darkroom there.


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