Day 8-9: Pacific Grove and Suros!

After our day in the gorge, we headed up to Pacific Grove for a visit with Liz, Martin and baby Sage! We had a fun dinner at their house on Friday night (where they spoiled us with delicious food and wine as always!) , and then spent Saturday at the Good Ole Days celebration in downtown Pacific Grove. We even saw a parade!!

This is Sage on his glider! I have never seen a glider before, but I highly recommend it to any parent after seeing Sage on it. It’s a little bike that doesn’t have pedals, so instead of learning to pedal without learning to balance, the child learns to balance then adds pedaling. You start with the seat low, and then gradually raise it so they go from making little baby steps to “gliding” around with their feet up. It seems very effective! Sage was barely two and he was scooting around with ease, tucking his feet up to balance. His bike ridin’ daddy is so proud!

Liz didn’t wait long to bring out her party pants 🙂

Fun with bubbles!

Waiting for the parade on a foggy day in PG!

An awesome shot of the cute Suro family!

PG poppies!


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