Junior High Words of Wisdom: Vandals

Last week I overheard an 8th grader in my 4th period class telling his buddy next to him that he had made “Vandals” to wear on his way to basketball practice. I had to stop him to ask the obvious question: “What are Vandals?” He responded: “Sandals made out of Vans!” in a tone of voice that echoed “DUH, Mrs. Kamman.” He tried to describe them to me and how he crafted them, and I couldn’t envision it. That night I Googled “Vandals” and although I could find the definition on Urbandictionary.com, I couldn’t find a single picture. The next day I bribed him with Starbursts to bring in his Vandals so I could see this new phenomenon…(you know how I love footwear!) Here they are in all their glory…


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