My adventures in cake

I have never really been into baking, and the limit to my past cake making fanciness was adding colorful frosting to a simple casserole dish full of cake. I got real fancy at Valentines day (ha!) and stuck some chocolates and red hots on the top. I have been exploring my hand at a variety of new artistic specialties lately, and so I decided to give cake artistry a try and attempt a burger and sandwich cake for Sol’s big 27th birthday party at the Roadhouse. It took me the better part of 2 entire days to make them, and then another few hours to figure out how to store and then transport the monsters…but it was all worth it! I was really happy with the way they turned out and they were a big hit. My next attempt is going to be a houseboat/4th of July themed cake for our Houseboat trip next month. Here are a few more details…

These are all of the materials I started with:

8 boxes of cake (yellow pound and chocolate)

All ingredients to make brownies and cake (butter, eggs, etc.)

1 box of brownies

2 variety packs of fondant from Michaels: primary colors (for the lettuce, tomato and cheese) and multicultural faces (for the turkey and roast beef)

food coloring (regular colors and brown food dye gel from Michaels)

6 containers of buttercream and chocolate frosting

various sprinkles and decor

crushed chocolate oreos (texture on the brownie burger patty)

sliced almonds (sesame seeds)

food coloring airbrush spray cans

an oven safe mixing bowl, round pan and square pan

After I baked all 11 layers, I froze them overnight. This made them easier to carve and frost the next day.

Here are the finished products, with a layer by layer play by play. Decorating them was the most fun part!

French fries made with Oreo sticks and red frosting! I have also seen this done with sugar cookies shaped like fries, but I couldn’t bring myself to bake anything else. Sadly, they were left in the fridge and never made it to the birthday party.

The happy birthday boy with his cakes

The cakes at the party! They made it there in one piece, I was so proud.


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