South Lake Tahoe mini-vacay

Just a few short and busy school days after we returned from our big 10 day road trip, we hit the road again! (I know, we are freakin’ crazy!) We couldn’t resist this invite though. My Aunt Mary, cousin Angel, her boyfriend Kevin and some of Mary’s friends who are all from Arizona or Idaho were in South Lake Tahoe for the weekend- only 1.25 hours away! Sol and I both taught on Friday, went straight to my parents and the four of us departed for the state line.

We arrived, checked into our suite at Harveys, and were immediately swept away to the high roller lounge for complimentary cocktails and snacks.

Here are Sol and I with my crazy Aunt Mary!

Angel and her boyfriend Kevin, such cute lovebirds!

The gang having drinks on top of Harveys.

We had an AMAZING dinner at the Sage Room in Harveys. We had quite the star treatment too!

This is my fillet and my learning tower of garlic mashed potatoes. If you’ve ever eaten a meal with me, you will know that I only ate a few bites of the tower before it totally overwhelmed me. And if you’ve ever eaten a meal with Sol, you will know he devoured them hours later!

The happy campers enjoying our Sage Room experience

After dinner, the “adults” went to hang out in another lounge, and Kevin, Angel, Sol and I went searching for trouble. I was pretty impressed that there were so many fun happenings going on around the casino. There were live bands, people dancing, groups of rowdy ski bunnies gambling…it was a lively Vegas-esque atmosphere. (But you know, clearly smaller scale and way more, um, rural). There is so much to do, and you don’t even have to leave the casino! We saw a comedy show, and then wandered down to Cabo Wabo. Kevin and I wussed out, so Angel and Sol took one for the team with their double shots.

Then we headed up to the lounge to hang out with my parents and Aunt Mary and enjoy some more complimentary drinks. I had to get photographic evidence of my dad awake and in public past 11 pm. Here are the cute siblings:

This is my awesome cousin Angel. It is really amazing that she is adopted and we still have so much in common! We even kind of have similar features in some pictures. I think we look blood related in this picture!

The whole time we were sitting in the lounge, Kevin was staring out the window at a slot machine. He pardoned himself from the table, stood up, walked to the machine, put in a 20 dollar bill and POOF! He won 500 dollars. Craziest end to a night! 

This is the view from our room at Harveys, not too shabby!

The fam all together

We all rode the gondola up the mountain at Heavenly, some of us only for the view, but Sol and I had snowboards and comped Heavenly lift tickets in tow. 

I love Heavenly because every view is a million dollar one.

View enjoyers….

….and snowboarders.

Proof of my dad in snow. He hates snow and staying up past 11 pm, so this was a really exciting trip for me to witness! 🙂 

My cute parents

On April 17th, there was still tons of snow, almost NO people, and Sol and I enjoyed a beautiful sunny spring day on the mountain *virtually* all to ourselves.

Another cool thing about Heavenly is that it spans the state line, so you can choose to ride in California…

…..or Nevada! It’s also funny that on the California side, there are signs on the chairlift that say “YOU MUST RETURN TO NEVADA BY 3:00”

Again, the views don’t suck.

Sol trying his luck in a very advanced park.

Much needed break for burgers and beer

Soaking up a little sun on the deck 

There is such a stark contrast between the California and Nevada side’s views. This is the Nevada side, it is very flat and green. The California side has the lake, snowy mountains and lots and lots of pine trees. 

Taking the gondola back down to Earth after a Heavenly day.

We stood up in the gondola on the way down…trippy!

Trekking back to Harveys

This was a funny sight to me, a strange juxtaposition of outdoor sports and indoor money-wasting.

We had such a great time! It was totally worth it- even though I was exhausted, sick and had no voice! Thanks Aunt Mary and Angel for a great time, you guys are so much fun.


2 thoughts on “South Lake Tahoe mini-vacay

  1. We stayed at Harveys and ate at the Sage Room a few summers ago for a family reunion …I had a 6 and 8 year old with me at the time and a 9:45 p.m. dinner reservation…. so I didn’t enjoy it as much as you did……good food though!

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