Kyle at the World Cup

Our friends Kyle and Stephanie, and Stephanie’s brother Ben are having the experience of a lifetime right now at the World Cup in South Africa! They are about to conclude 20 days in S.A. and have been attending lots of games and representing loads of USA pride, sprinkled with some exploration of Africa and non- soccer related things. I have been reading all about their adventures on his blog @

After hearing about the World Cup from everyone and their mom but having previously no interest in watching soccer, I decided to turn on the USA game today to see what all the fuss is about. I got sucked in for a little while, although there were 2 things that were slightly more interesting to me than the soccer game. 1.) The fact that Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger apparently hang out now, in Africa, to watch soccer (????) and 2.) Kyle Petty was on ABC! (looking distressed because, alas, the USA lost.)

Kyle is the guy in the second row up to the far right, crying American flag tears.


2 thoughts on “Kyle at the World Cup

  1. Thanks for all of your support! Knowing that people care about us and take an interest in our affairs is extremely heartwarming. We can’t wait to make some new memories and rehash the old. See you very, very soon!

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