Remembering Carter

Last week, one of my favorite 8th graders from my advanced class this year, Mason, lost his 7-year-old brother Carter in a horrible accident. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this tragedy, and how hard this must be on his family and especially on Mason, who was Carter’s whole world (and vice versa).

Today another teacher of Mason’s and I attended Carter’s memorial service together at Rolling Hills church in El Dorado Hills. It was 2 and a half touching and emotional hours of singing, family stories and remembering a sweet little boy. The community outpouring of support was incredible. I only got to meet Carter a couple of times, but I know how important he was to his family and what a light he was in everyone’s lives. It is devastating to see such a senseless loss come to such a good family. I just hope that they find healing and strength through each other and through time, and there was evidence in the service today that they are grateful and lucky to have each other, their faith in God and they are going to move forward to keep Carter’s memory alive with them in a positive way.

There is a website set up to leave messages and donations for the family, it also has some photos and videos of Carter.

This is a piece of art that was displayed at the memorial today. Mason and Carter’s uncle is an artist who works with found objects, and he created this portrait of Carter.


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