my new go-to bridal shower gift

For Kelley’s bridal shower, my mom had the great idea of having every guest bring something that they would think a bride would need on her wedding day. We ended up with a very comprehensive “wedding calamity kit” for any bridal party emergencies on the big day. It definitely came in handy for Kelley’s, Amanda’s and my weddings!

For Katy’s bridal shower I had the idea of putting together a similar useful “emergency” kit. I found a cute polka dot toiletry kit and went crazy in Target, filling it with all kinds of important bridal party goodies. Katy loved it, and the women at the bridal shower thought it was the best idea ever, so I thought I would share. I can’t take credit for it though, it’s all Candy Courtney!

Some items important for a wedding day emergency kit:



-lint roller

-tums, ibruprofen, chaser

-sewing kit


-mouthwash, tic tacs

-shout wipes



-safety pins


-bobby pins

-mini brush

What would you put in your wedding day emergency kit??


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