The Barefoot Bandit

I have been totally fascinated with following this kid, 19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore, also known as the barefoot bandit. He escaped from a juvenile detention center 2 years ago and has been playing a real life version of “catch me if you can” ever since. He must be the smartest 19-year-old criminal ever, traveling all over the United States, Canada and eventually the Bahamas committing crimes and alluding the police. He is known as the barefoot bandit because he leaves foot prints, (often chalk outlined) and menacing notes on the floor (such as “C-YA!”) at the scenes of his crimes. He has been seen literally running into the woods away from police laughing hysterically. He even took this picture of himself on a camera he stole and left it at a scene where he crashed a plane. He’s been getting away from authorities and on the run for TWO YEARS and he is only 19!!! He must be some sort of criminal genius to be toying with fate to this degree and outwitting so many law enforcement professionals.

Now, what makes this kid even more interesting are the nature of his crimes. He steals cars, boats, planes, breaks into vacation homes and upscale bars…(are we sensing a trend?) It’s a modern-day Robin Hood stealing from the rich, well,  minus that whole giving to the poor part. What is the most amazing to me is that when he stole these planes and boats he drove or flew them away from the scene of the crime to his next crime scene destination..did you hear me? FLEW THE PLANES! He has crash landed and walked away from dozens of private plane crashes. When I first heard this I assumed that he was some rich brat with a pilot’s license…no! He is from a poor family on the North West coast and has had no flying experience at all aside from a love for simulated flight video games. This is the point that this kid went from criminal genius to complete living miracle in my book.

Now, I don’t usually root for the criminal, I am a big fan of justice. Colton’s charades are SO fascinating and entertaining to me though, that I really was rooting for him to continue his cat and mouse game. Sure I know how violating it is to have your stuff messed with, but he never physically hurt anyone, and the people who he stole from were all wealthy people who inevitably have good insurance to cover their damaged or stolen property. It’s hard to feel TOO sorry for someone who gets their private jet stolen by a barefoot 19 year old! I also happen to be a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘ Catch Me If You Can,’ (which I own and recently re-watched in his honor!) The stories are a little too similar! I am not the only one who finds him so interesting:

He has a fan club:

Tee shirts: AND of course,  91,733 fans on Facebook:!/pages/Colton-Harris-Moore/154393645881?ref=ts

Sadly, he was recently captured after flying a stolen plane from the East Coast and crashing in the Bahamas. He was not caught until several days after he landed, and had already robbed several vacation homes and bars. He was actually caught in a dramatic James Bond style boat chase! In my opinion, going to the Bahamas was his first mistake. As a 6 foot 5 scrawny white kid, he was able to stay incognito quite well in the Pacific Northwest, in the Bahamas he most definitely stuck out like a sore thumb. How many 6 foot 5 scrawny white kids are wandering around the Bahama’s barefoot? Especially on an island with only a few hundred people? Seriously Colton, you could have done better than that! He has been expedited back to America (the Bahamas only charged him with entering the country without a passport, I really think they just didn’t want to deal with him..) and he is now awaiting trial for a loooonnnggg list of crimes. Here is a video describing his capture:

I hope they make this into a movie! Who am I kidding, the script is probably already in the works.


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