Apps I love: BlurFX

My Iphone does all sorts of totally unnecessary but amazing things, and I thought I would share my favorite apps in a regular segment called “Apps I love”, for all my geeky Iphone friends out there. (I know there’s a lot of you!)  I’ve been getting into a lot of fun photo editing apps, so I will start with BlurFX. BlurFX is 99 cents, and creates really cool professional looking out of focus photos. You can easily decide how blurry you want the photo, what part of the photo you want blurry, and also change the color saturation, hue, etc.

Here are a couple of photos that I made using BlurFX: This is using a cool “movement” feature where you can blur the area like it’s in motion.


2 thoughts on “Apps I love: BlurFX

  1. oooh I totally want Hipstamatic…you have already turned me on to Camera Bag and I am addicted! That one will be featured soon 🙂

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