trout and parrot

One of the groomsmen at Chris and Katy’s wedding, Alex, has an awesome girlfriend named Jillian and the two of them make up the Placerville-based folk duo, Trout and Parrot (named for their spirit animals) Can you tell which one is trout and which one is parrot? lol

We hung out in the bridal suite for several hours after the wedding during an amazing summer thunderstorm, and Alex and Jillian put on a little private show for us. They are extremely talented! I pretty much want them to sing me to sleep every night! They have an album on Itunes, and they are about to come out with another one soon. I highly recommend you check them out on Itunes or Facebook. We are also lucky that they play lots of little shows around our area, Sol and I are going to try to make it up to Boeger Winery on Friday night to see them play. Here are a few videos I took of them on Sunday. The first 2 songs are original songs that will be on their next album (the murder ballad is already for sale on Itunes..) and the last one is a cover of ‘Wagon Wheel.’


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