One man’s trash is an art teacher’s treasure

One man’s trash is an art teacher’s treasure…

Rolling Hills art department (G1) is always gladly accepting donations of:


Magazines (especially with food or teenager appropriate images)

Old tee-shirts (for rags)

Plastic containers (from cottage cheese, etc)

Baby food jars


Plastic produce bags

Ziplock sandwich bags



Collage materials: shells, plastic figures, trinkets, keychains, earrings, coins, jewelry, ornaments (think random “junk drawer”)

Fabric scraps

Colored paper/construction paper

Styrofoam meat trays

Masking tape


Colored glass ball Christmas ornaments


Used (or unused) poster board

Large or XL men’s dress shirts, tee shirts or aprons (for painting)


Old calendars

Art books or poster books

Landscape posters

Silk flowers

Interestingly shaped forms- vases, sculptures (for still life drawing)

Egg cartons



Tissue paper

Gift wrap

Old greeting cards- Christmas, Valentines day, etc.

Plastic bins

Thanks for supporting the arts! –Mrs. Kamman

Please forward to anyone you think might want to get rid of some junk!


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