The summer life of a substitute teacher

While Sol is in grad school he has been enjoying a very successful full-time substituting career. Unfortunately for him, unlike me (who thankfully gets paid in the summer) subs don’t make money when school’s not in session! In late August he will begin subbing again, and also be starting his counseling traineeship gig at “People Reaching Out”, but until then he has been bringing home some bacon with a couple of summer jobs.

The first summer job he had only went until July 8th, but he loved it! He was working (subbing and as an aide) for an autistic K-2 program in El Dorado Hills. He got to paint, draw, play games and work with some awesome kids, he even took them to the movies and the county fair! Since then he has switched gears entirely and has become a go-to¬†maintenance guy at the Brown’s Ravine marina on Folsom Lake. He loves that he gets to be outside all day and is always doing something different. He likes the people he works with and it is the perfect quintessential summer job to bring him into the next school year. Here are a couple of shots of his beautiful work environment and him being silly after some serious manual labor.


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