Catching up: May visit with Jeff

The post Beerfest weekend we got to have a fun visit with our friend Jeff Taylor. Jeff was actually originally a friend of Amanda’s little brother Dustin, who came to CSUMB when we were Seniors. He was always attending our parties in a pack of freshman groupies (the only ones cool enough to come to our Edde parties in international waters…) but he stood out as wise beyond his years and we adopted him right away. We hung out with him a lot the next couple years we lived on campus, and he came to our wedding in 2008. We haven’t seen him since then, so we were long overdue for some catching up. He had just gotten a job about an hour West, and we are glad he is closer now so we get to see him more often! He graduated from CSUMB with a degree in ESSP, and is actually using his degree for an applicable job (I know, shocking in this day and age). He is a biologist who works with duck hunters to make their properties and water more habitable to attract ducks. He is a scientist and a hunter from Willows, so this job is right up his alley.

On Friday night we started out with some socializing on the patio and a delicious grilled dinner. Mid way through dinner he revealed that since he moved and got a job he hasn’t been out of the house past 8pm, so we decided that it was necessary to take him out. It was also necessary for him to experience the wonder of the Rescue Roadhouse. He’s from Willows, he would appreciate a place like this, right? He had quite the quintessential Roadhouse experience, complete with LockDown on tap, sweet potato fries, singing karaoke to “I got friends in low places” (what else?) and subsequently getting the whipped cream/”like a virgin” treatment from Tom.

Jeff and some of our favorite Roadhouse regulars.

Showing Jeff some love...

They got friends in lowwww places. Wait, is that us?

Jeff receiving the virgin treatment...

Jeff had a close encounter with Elton John when we got home...

The next morning we headed off to Beal’s Point to meet Mark and Poppy for a day of sunning and swimming at the Lake. It was the first weekend it was warm enough to do this, and since then we have spent almost every weekend at the lake.

Saturday night Jeff had to head up to Willows for a memorial service on Sunday. We insisted on feeding him before he left, and Sol made a pile of delicious BBQ chicken drumsticks  that we conquered.

Sol wins at chicken drumstick eating.

We had a great time with Jeff and we hope he comes back soon!


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