Super crazy Kohls sale

Last night during our date my mom and I hit Kohls “power hour” sale. Most stuff was already on summer clearance, and then we got the power sale discounts PLUS her senior citizen discount. Needless to say, I scored some great great pieces for minuscule fractions of their worth. I am not usually a big Kohls fan, (I probably haven’t been inside one in a year..) but after my haul Wednesday I have restored faith in Kohls. We are talking super cute pieces that started at $40-60 dollars for $7, $10 dollars. There is something thrilling about the hunt when you scour racks for several hours to score something in the perfect color or size that is 80-90% off!  Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite finds, I also got a couple of really cute tunics and some new leggings that I will be able to belt and wear through the fall and winter. The dress is also my new favorite dress ever and the only maxi dress that has EVER looked cute on me. It has a cute corset top with raw zipper, and POCKETS!


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