helping Sol with his homework…

Sol took a therapy for kids class this summer, for which he had some interesting and fun homework. With children, therapy is mostly a series of art or play “experiences” designed to glean information from the child or help them express themselves without having to explain things in words. One week’s homework assignment involved “throwing six eggs at something” and then writing about how it felt, and painting with pudding on a counter top. I don’t usually jump in to help him with his research or paper writing, but this homework sounded fun to participate in.

First we threw eggs. After a funny conversation about what was going to be the lucky victim of our egg throwing escapades, we (responsibly) decided to throw them at the big boulders in our front yard, because they were in close proximity of the hose for clean-up. I know, how boring of us, huh? It was quite enjoyable to unnecessarily throw eggs at something hard though. They made quite a satisfying smashing sound on the rock.

Next we retreated to the kitchen for the pudding-painting portion of the evening. I watched, from a distance at first, as Sol carefully dipped his fingers in the pudding and started finger painting on the counter.

I watched him for a few minutes, and he seemed unsatisfied with the process and the results. I was formulating a “more satisfying” method in my head, and then decided to step in with some advice. (Maybe it’s the art teacher in me?) I stuck my hand deep into the pudding and slopped it messily onto the counter. I then took my palm and smeared the pudding around, covering each tile. (We were still too responsible to get it in the grout, so the pudding art was done in tile sized sections.) I then took my finger and started carving out the pudding, leaving the exposed areas as the painting, creating a much more squishy and satisfying method of pudding art.

The pudding was cold and smooth and fun to smear around on the counter. We were then officially absorbed in the experience, and spent the better part of an hour playing in the pudding, creating pictures and writing messages to each other. I highly recommend pudding painting and egg throwing to anyone needing a little release, child or not!


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