the first day of school!

Today was the first day of school! I was actually really excited to be back, and the kids even seemed excited too (more quietly…) This year I am in the same subject and the same grade level, and with relatively little changes I entered the school year with confidence and ease. It was also interesting to start on a Wednesday, I liked not having the weekend to be anxious before the big first day. I have a lot of my favorite former 7th graders in 8th grade this year, and my hand-picked “dream” honors class, which added to my excitement. It also helped that I started the school year over 3 times last year with my 4 exploratory rotations, so I am really really good at my “shpeel” by now! The first few days there is a lot of talking, going over procedures and the syllabus, doing introductions, but by Friday we will be immersed in our first art project of the year.

The only snafu of the day was when I got pulled over on the way to school, for speeding in the school zone. I know, I know, I know better. (Which is what I told the officer in near tears!) There was a super speed trap and the officers were flagging people over left and right, (there were about 8 cars lined up). It’s not like I was racing through alone, I was just in my own head too much and cruising with the flow of traffic, but I still know better. One of my former students was passing by and got a big kick out of it…he walked right up to the cop to tell him that I was his teacher. This caused the officer to give me a bigger scolding (about protecting MY students), but probably got me out of the ticket, so thanks kid?? It was super embarrassing but luckily it didn’t throw off my game and I had a great rest of the day- and needless to say, I learned my lesson!

The traditional first day of school front door picture!

I didn’t change many things about how my room was set up or how my supplies were organized, I was pretty happy with my current system, but I did add a couple of upgrades that I am excited about.

Last year I had these cardboard supply trays, they were a little TOO easy to rip, tear, cut, draw on, etc. I was constantly repairing them and scolding kids for abusing them. This year I replaced them with much pricier but much more durable plastic trays. They came in yesterday, right in time for me to set them up with all of the new supplies. I literally did a happy dance when it was all done. I’m kind of a dork like that…

The crappy old supply trays....good riddance!

The fancy new supply counter!!

The other upgrade I made was to my white board. I had a system similar to this last year that was much less useful to me. This should help the kids and I both stay more organized.


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