Baby K is already taking after its dad…

Yesterday we went to the genetics department of Kaiser in Sacramento to have our 2nd ultrasound (an optional genetic screening ultrasound) and get the results of my 2 genetic blood screenings I’ve had done so far. The genetic screenings are optional, but they can give you a lot of information about the health of the baby really early, and we had no question that it was important for us to know as much as we can about the baby early on. The good news? Baby Kamman is exactly the right size, has a normal heartbeat, and all of the measurements and blood screenings came back with great news. Baby K is super healthy and has little to no chance (I think it was 1 in 100,000 to be exact) of having down syndrome or any other genetic disorders, heart defects or any other chromosomal abnormalities. Yay Baby K!

On the drive to Sacramento, Sol noticed I was being really quiet and asked what was wrong. I was doing what I do, internally stressing about work, my digital art classes, money, ya know…the regular offenders. I complained that there wasn’t enough time in the day to get my design homework done, lesson plan for 5 classes that are now all on different pacing schedules, spend time with loved ones and keep up with regular life stuff while having the low energy of a pregnant lady. As soon as I we left the doctor I had a whole new perspective on life and started crying happy tears of relief and joy that our baby was so strong and healthy. Seeing that little life wiggling around on the screen really puts everything in perspective and makes you realize that nothing else matters. The rest will all fall into place, but I have new priorities now and need to be focused on all of my blessings, which are innumerable. See Baby K, you are already making your mom a better person! Thanks for keeping me in check.

On a lighter note, Baby Kamman is already STUBBORN! Baby K is totally taking after its dad already! When we first got into the doctor’s office and started the ultrasound (which thankfully is now done by rubbing the wand on your belly and not…well, in the less comfortable place) the baby was backwards facing my back and showing upside down on the screen.

upside-down baby Kamman

The ultrasound tech was having a really hard time getting the measurements with the baby in that position, and she needed the baby to turn over. She had to invert the table so my feet were way above my head, and then had to jiggle my belly around to try to get the baby to flip over. She did this for about 10-15 minutes and just when it looked like Baby K was going to flip over, it would slide right back into the same position. The tech had me get up and walk around the hallway and to go pee, trying to see if it would flip over. When I got back into the room, and after some more inversion and jiggling…Baby K finally flipped onto it’s back so we could see it’s cute profile and she could take the measurements. The ultrasound tech proclaimed, “Sorry guys, you already have a stubborn kid on your hands!”

Baby K lounging at 13 weeks, finally flipped!

She also showed us all of its bones and zoomed in on its arm and counted all 5 tiny fingers in place!

The baby's elbow is right below where it says "arm" and if you follow it to the right, the white accents are it's 4 tiny fingers and thumb!

Baby Kamman's profile and cute little nose!

Sol also took a video of the beginning of the ultrasound, before we started to try to get the baby to flip over. At the very beginning of the recording you can also hear it’s heartbeat! If you look closely you can also see it wiggling around. It wiggles A LOT! It explains why I am so tired all the time, the baby is dancing all around constantly!

The next time we get to see Baby Kamman is November 2nd, when we will get to finally attach a PRONOUN to it! I am so excited and impatient to find out the gender. I feel weird calling it, IT, and will be so glad to see he or she and start envisioning his or her cute little face!


5 thoughts on “Baby K is already taking after its dad…

  1. Wow! You write so beautifully. I have tears welling up in my eyes at the excitement and joy you two are experiencing right now. Keep sharing.

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