Happy Fall: First stew of the season

I LOVE SOUP! (Have I mentioned that yet?) I wait for soup season, and I am so excited that it is here! I celebrated Fall with my first soup of the season. My stews are usually pretty simple and involve whatever happens to be lying around the fridge. This one was no different, and it turned out DELICIOUS! Sol said it might be my best yet.

Start with onion and olive oil in a pot (the base of any good stew)

After onion is semi-soft, add chopped:


yellow squash

crimini mushrooms



chopped  sausage (I used all natural organic chicken sausage with garlic and herbs from Trader Joes)

saute for a little while and then add:

Italian seasons chopped basil, oregano, thyme (I used fresh but dried works as well)

chicken broth (I used the free range broth from TJs)

Boil stew and then cook on medium with the lid on for as long as you can stand not to eat it. About 15 minutes before you serve, throw in a bunch of chopped green cabbage and bring to a boil again.

Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and TA-DA! Delicious, hearty and easy stew. I like to make a lot because it is even better for lunch leftovers the next day, and the day after…etc, etc.


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