junior high words of wisdom: breaking the big news to my students

After I hit the 2nd trimester,  I broke the big baby news to my students. I had been doing a very good job keeping it a secret, considering there were a MILLION times I wanted to use being pregnant as an excuse for doing or not doing something (eating during class, running out to pee, not standing on the counters…) but did a good job keeping quiet. I made them guess the news as part of a hangman game. I started with 3rd period, because they are my favorite, thinking that as soon as I played the game with one class at least one student would come in to every class for the rest of the day already knowing. (Junior highers are famous for wanting to be the one who “KNOWS FIRST” and announcing it to everyone else). Surprisingly, they proved themselves to be more self involved, because I was able to play my hangman game with every class for the rest of the day and surprised every class. By the next morning, in first period (the only class that hadn’t been told) , I figured SOMEONE had to know, so instead of the game I just asked “did anyone hear anything they didn’t know about me yesterday?” and half of the class had heard.

The classes all received the news with clapping and cheering, it was so cute! They also had tons of funny questions and observations which included:

What are you going to name the baby? You should name it “insert their name here” (I got that a few times in every class)

Is the baby going to be Jewish? (no) Is Mr. Kamman mad about that? (haha, no)

Why don’t you have a belly yet? (I don’t?)

Does Mr. Kamman know yet? (That was my favorite, like I would tell them before he knew..haha)

Will you bring the baby into class so we can draw it?

I knew it!! Me- how did you know it? Do I look rounder? Student: I’m not answering that!! (smart kid!)

The year long classes I had were also sad when they realized it meant I would be gone for awhile, but I assured them they would have a very great competent artist substitute!


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