I have been obsessively reading this weekend, an awesome DIY projects blog. I think it’s because Sol and I have begun some big home improvement/baby projects this weekend (stay tuned for more details) and there are SO many great ideas on this blog! They also recently had a baby, so there is tons of good baby prep info. I found a little tidbit that I thought was an especially and easy great idea that I am totally stealing. (I mean, I will be stealing a lot of them but I’ll start with the easiest!) She got a bright and colorful pillow case to take to the hospital with her for the birth. The pillowcase really brightened the room, plus (as she pointed out) it’s in a million pictures afterwards and can help distract attention away from your puffy, sweaty face! This is the one she got from Pottery Barn, I might end up with the same one just because it is so darn cute, but I think I could find something similarly as colorful that makes me equally as happy. I also think it would be special and more sentimental to pick out a cute fabric and commission my super-pillow-case-creator friend Sue Prock to make me one, as she happens to be on pre-hip surgery bed rest right now and might appreciate a sewing project.


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