digital painting

The more I dabble in digital art, the more I realize how much better I enjoy the “hands on-charcoal-under-your-fingernails” kind of art better. Digital art is much less intuitive and far more frustrating than non-digital art, but I am appreciating (or trying to appreciate) the opportunity to expand my repertoire into the future of art. This semester I am taking a Photoshop class and a Corel painter class. I have been trudging along in the Photoshop class, and have already started applying some of my skills in a practical way, but I am having more trouble getting into Corel Painter. Literally. We are 6 weeks into the semester and I just started my first project. (Self-paced online classes are NOT for PRO-crastinators like myself!) The first assignment was to do an achromatic charcoal pencil drawing of your hand, and I actually kind of enjoyed doing it and I am a little proud of it. It was also pretty amazing that I could pull this off with a mouse considering I refused to buy the fancy pressure sensitive Wacom drawing tablet after buying 3 text books and a subscription for this class.


One thought on “digital painting

  1. I have started with digital painting too and have buyed the bamboo pen only. Now you can follow me on twitter and enjoy a endless stream of creativity and inspiration.

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