Week 16

Hellooooo honeymoon stage! Everyone said this is about when I would start feeling great, but I didn’t buy it until this week. I feel awesome! I have a lot of energy back, have been super productive, and haven’t even had to take a nap in a week. (It’s amazing how much more you can get done when your body doesn’t demand you take a nap immediately when you get home from work!) It might have something to do with the fact that Sol and I had the first relaxing, unplanned, at home weekend that we have had in literally 3 months. When I woke up on Monday morning feeling all spry and ready for the day instead of exhausted I was like, “ah, this is the immediate reward for not running myself into the ground this weekend!” I also recieved my shipment of stretchy pants today, which should make dressing for work and fall a lot less of a struggle. The last few mornings have involved a lot of sighing, near tears moments and 4 or 5 outfit changes.

This week I also had my week 16 doctor appt. and got to meet my doctor. I’ve been seeing the nurse practitioner, who is great, but I was really excited to meet my doctor. I requested her because Liz Rand and Erin Ward both had her and loved her. She is young, has two little kids and seems very down-to-earth. Sadly though it was the first time that Sol wasn’t able to come to the appointment, with his crazy new schedule and me trying to work my appointments around work hours it’s been difficult for us to get in there at the same time. Next time, we WILL make it work though! I got to hear baby Kamman’s heartbeat again too, it never gets any less exciting! Next Friday is the big day we get to find out the gender! We are cheating and going to find out early. I would be really surprised if it is a girl though, I’ve been having boy instincts from day 1. I think I might need to start practicing my truck noises…

The dress I am wearing in this picture I wore to work this week. It ties in the front and the bow covers a lot of my still-doesn’t-quite-look-like-baby but is bulging-none-the-less belly. One of my male students told me “You should wear that dress everyday, the bow covers your belly!” They really hold back with their opinions…lol.


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