It’s a GIRL!

Friday was a very exciting day for us, maybe the most exciting day ever…(so far!) We had (what seemed like) the longest day of work ever while waiting for our 4:15 appointment at the ultrasound place to find out the sex of Baby Kamman. The day seemed to draaaagggg on, but as soon as the kids left and I knew what the next destination would be I had a big stupid smile on my face that I couldn’t wipe off. This last week was an extremely busy one, which I am pretty grateful for considering that otherwise I would have been totally obsessed and fixated and the week would have seemed as long as my Friday did!

Sol dashed out of Kindergarten as soon as the bell rang to pick me up and we headed to Roseville for our appointment. We spent the car ride smiling and repeating different variations of “I AM SO EXCITED!” We also had our last-minute discussion about our predictions and others predictions about the baby’s gender. I pointed out various theories that people have had, and we went over who was convinced it was going to be a boy or a girl. We had an instinct that it was going to be a boy from the day I found out I was pregnant, and I actually said to Sol in the car “If it’s a girl I will be genuinely shocked, if they tell us it’s a boy I will say “yea, I knew it all along..”” Although, I also cited several examples of people who had told us “I was SURE it was a boy and it was actually a girl” or vice versa, and I joked that it seemed like everyone’s instincts were actually the opposite of what the gender actually was. In fact, that very morning my pod-neighbor Matt told me that they were sure his (now 5 month) son was a girl until they found out the sex. I also told Sol that our child has been a girl in every single baby dream I have had, I haven’t had a single one where it was a boy. Trippy, huh! Justin was also one of many others who had a premonition:

We got to the office where we met my mom (Grandma wanted a chance to see the baby too!) and waited to be called back for our ultrasound. There was a couple waiting in front of us that had 3 little boys in tow.  I asked “Are you here to find out the gender?” “Yup!” I took a wild stab in the dark… “Are you hoping for a girl?” The dad, who was playing with a  little girls toy replied “We ARE having a girl, power of positive thinking!” The dad also told us that the tech had been on a boy streak all day and they were hoping to break the streak. They came out a few minutes later after their ultra sound beaming, “Power of positive thinking?” we asked, “YUP! GOT OUR GIRL!”

We waited excitedly for a few more minutes in the waiting room, during which time Sol insisted that whichever sex our child ended up being they were going to play with legos because HE wanted to play with legos. “Yes dear, of course!” I giggled.

We were called back into the office, and the tech jellied me up while my mom and Sol prepared for the show. This ultra sound tech has been doing this for 37 years and has never once been wrong about the sex so we were confident that we were going to leave with the information we had been waiting for. We looked a the baby wiggle around for a little while, and listened to the (strong and normal!) heartbeat. I can’t believe how big the baby has gotten in the last month! It also looks like she is getting a little tight in there, there was much less room for her to wiggle than before, I’m sure my uterus will be stretching more and more soon. She was also upside-down again (which is actually backwards, but she looks upside down on the screen.) The tech had me roll over a few times to flip her but she was (again, stubbornly) facing the wrong way. She seems to be very attached to that position! She never turned, so the pictures weren’t as great, but luckily that had no impact on being able to tell the gender.


Baby Kamman at 17 weeks, check out the spine!



Her favorite position



Close-up of our big ole fetus.


This is a video of Baby Kamman squirming around and then the heart beating. At the very beginning of the clip you can see the skull when Baby K looks right at you! The first heart beat you hear is mine, Baby K’s is the one after that- it’s much faster!

He found the angle he needed of the backside of the baby and zoomed in while we held our breath for the big news. He pointed out the bottom with the mouse, and then pointed at an area in the middle.

“So, see those white dots right there?”

Sol whispered “testicles!”

“Um, nope! That’s the VAGINA!”

(Insert gasps, laughing, smiling, crying, shrieking)

“See this area here? (he moved the mouse around the empty area outside of the white dots) “That’s where the penis would be, IF there was one…that’s definitely a little girl!”

(more gasps, laughing, smiling, etc.)


The mouse cursor is pointing to our little lady's lack of penis!

This is the clip of the tech pointing out the girl parts. You can see the cursor move as he describes the bottom, the vagina, and then points out the lack of penis!


I wiped the jelly off of my belly and got up for hugs and more laughing and smiling. We were so surprised and happy! We are thrilled to be having a little girl. Sol stepped outside of the office to call his mom and tell her the big news, and my mom and I started texting people in the office while we waited for the DVD to be done. Sol called his mom and said “Well, mom, my son has a vagina!” He is so thrilled to finally give his mom the little girl she always wanted.

Since we have found out we have been on cloud 9, better than cloud nine, cloud TEN! It’s hard to describe, but knowing the gender makes the whole experience a lot more real, exciting and concrete. I mean, it’s not like it WASN’T real before, but there is something about being able to know and envision the gender, and attach a proper pronoun when talking about the baby that gives the experience such an enhanced level of emotion, giddiness and connectedness to the baby that is really, totally, absolutely amazing. Now that we know, we can’t imagine not finding out! The last few days have been so fun, talking about what our little lady will look like, what she will like to do, what kind of fun things we will be able to with her…(yes Sol, you can still take her to drag races, camping and fishing…my dad did!) Now that we know the sex I am also going to spring into action on nursery decorating…I’m not the type to go all crazy girly pink, but there will definitely be some very girly touches! We love our little girl SO much already and we can’t wait to meet her!


One thought on “It’s a GIRL!

  1. What an active little girl! She already is so loved! I guess we won’t be sharing too many baby clothes with you! But maybe our pediatrician?! Hehe!

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