Kamman family pajama day

On Sunday the weather was even more delightfully awful than on Saturday.

The pouring rain and howling wind set the perfect scene for a….KAMMAN FAMILY PAJAMA DAY!

It was absolutely perfect and glorious. I wish we could have turned it into 4 days. We wore pajamas all day. We didn’t go outside. We snuggled and stayed around the perimeter of the couch area the whole time.

Although it was a lazy day it wasn’t entirely unproductive:

-I deleted 900 emails from my inbox

-We watched 3 football games

-I finished the baby registry

-We pet cats

-Sol did laundry

-I made chicken noodle soup and banana bread

Kitties don’t have pajamas, but they love pajama day anyway!

We can’t wait to institute a similar holiday again, although with our busy schedules I think it’s going to be a special and rare treat.


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